Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)

Bangkok Traffic Love Story, BTS - Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story , Rot Fai Faa... Maa Haa Na Ter , Rot Fai Fa Ma Ha Na Thoe, รถไฟฟ้า มาหานะเธอ
Rating 9.5
Set along the hustle and bustle of central Bangkok, 30 year old Mei Li approaches the doorsteps of spinsterhood with dread. One day, Mei Li accidentally meets Bangkok Transit System engineer employee Lung, who makes her heart flutter instantly. She wonders to herself why such a cool guy would toil away in a odd night time job, but she also believes he is the ideal man for her. Mei Li then decides to take the initiative for the first time in her life and go after her dream guy. Unfortunately for Mei Lei, she has zero experience in wooing a man and her neighbor Pluen soon takes interest in the same guy.


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